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John Hathaway

John Hathaway


About John and

John has 15 years of experience as an IT business professional. He graduated from UMass Lowell in 2001 with a BS in Business Administration (double concentration in MIS and Finance). In 2007, John returned to UMass Lowell to pursue a Master’s Degree and graduated in 2009 with an MBA (concentration in Information Technology). He possesses a number of IT industry certifications related to technical proficiency in network and systems administration, Microsoft technologies, and IT services management.

John started out his career as an IT generalist providing end-user support, systems and network administration, and web development for companies in the banking and manufacturing industries. In 2007, he entered the world of professional services serving as the IT Manager for Concentric Energy Advisors, a leading consulting firm focused on the North American energy industry. John was tasked with building a full-time IT department from the ground up and was promoted twice during his tenure. As Assistant Vice President of IT, he inherited additional responsibilities and had a significant hand in managing day-to-day administrative operations of the firm.

In 2014, John was recruited by his former employer in the banking industry, Fidelity Bank, to re-join the institution and lead an initiative of revamping the IT department into a best-in-class support function. In this role, he was responsible for the bank’s technology at both a tactical and strategic level. He maintained significant hands-on involvement in day-to-day tasks in addition to execution of major IT projects while operating in a leadership capacity.

During John’s 15-year career, various independent blogs and other IT-centric collaborative web sites have helped provide guidance and solutions to a wide variety of issues he has encountered. John decided to start this blog as a source of business and technology-related content intended to help any others who are tasked with solving a problem previously encountered or to provide food for thought on various topics.